Not All Messages Are Created Equal

Let others know why, how and how often they can communicate with you

Delivering important notifications on your terms

Noterfi runs in the background on your smartphone. You decide what types of messages are important and how you wish to receive them. You register your Noterfi with your favourite brands and you then dictate why, how and how often they can communicate with you.

No more unwanted phone calls, emails & SMS’s

Noterfi is designed to streamline communications to your stakeholders by allowing them to receive updates that are important to them but without the clutter of their email box.

Take control of who contacts you – when and how

As an end-user you have the ability to choose who contacts you and also for what topics they are allowed to send messages for.  For example you want to get notifications when you have a delivery from your favourite store but you are not interested in their advertising materials.  Just subscribe to the delivery topics and that is all you will see.  

This is email re-imagined

Imagine getting only the messages you want, from only the organisations that you want to receive information from.  You are in absolute control of Who, What, When…. The how is Noterfi.

Other Features

Cross Platfrom

Works on IOS, Android, PC and Windows Phone

Realtime Updates

Know when messages are delivered & read

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Noterfi is free for users, forever!

Absolute Control

Control who, how and when you like to be contacted

Fully Connected

Connect with multiple social media accounts

Do Not Disturb

Set times when you just want to be left alone

Now Available

Available to download on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and the Windows App store today. Web version also available for PC & Mac

Get In Touch

Would like a demo or to discuss a white-labeled version of the app?   Fill out the form and someone will contact you with the next two business days.

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